Social Media Project #1: Writing A Collective Book

Hey Now Family,

We NEED your help. We are cooking up a little project.  Call it Social Media Project #1: Writing A Collective Book.

Here’s the background:

On 12/23/2017, a merry band of Pranksters of all ages and stripes embarked on a mission to share and preserve Deadhead history, from the perspective of the fans.  Yup, that’s right.  A book written by the fans, for the fans. 

The idea is to weave stories, art and photography posted in our Facebook Group, Deadhead Stories Wanted with others submitted directly to me and the moderators, into a collective masterpiece which we can publish and sell, with the proceeds benefiting worthy charities.

Storytellers, step right up!  Come on over to our Facebook Group and share a story or three.  We’d love to hear your tales of the road and about your experiences as a Deadhead off of tour.  Do it for the Kidz!  Let’s gather our stories so we can preserve them for future generations.

This is a positive book, and these will be your stories out in the world.  We have very few rules to guide, but we do ask that everyone respect these guidelines:

1. NO heavy bashing or hating. Be kind.

Deadhead Stories is a safe place for all. We have a close to zero tolerance for haters. If you are blocked or removed from the group, then any stories and comments you have contributed will not be used.

2. All ages welcome. Timeline is anytime from 1965 to the present day.

Anyone can contribute a story of tour.  If you went to a show with the Warlocks, Grateful Dead, Other Ones, RatDog, Billy and the Kids, Dead and Co., Further, Phil and Friends… and, well, you get the idea… you’re in!

3. Give artistic credit where it is due.

If you post a photo or any other link, you must include an artist or source credit. Keep in mind that without the permission of the artist, we will not be able to use their work in the book.

4. Stay reachable.

We will need to secure a release from every contributor before we go to print.  Please stay in touch with the group and be responsive to release requests.

Love and Light!

-Dan Guliano