Collectively Making a Difference in the World

Lenny Garifo, 5/14/1994 at the        Las Vegas Silver Bowl

Cars and camping tents in mud

1989 Alpine Valley, WI

The Day after

Norm ruth's Terrapin Trailways Bus

Terrapin Trailways Bus

Owner/Op Norm/Sandy Ruths

People inside a VW bus playing Guitar

Just hanging out with the other Guys

JJ Harbster. Kevan Schukraft, Nicole Norton

Amy Hedberg, Sheri Schlesinger. ..

The book is ALL about " The Fans" and is developed collectively by sharing your memories with everyone's stories. It’s a social Media Based Book collecting stories and comments, that paint a better picture, explain unanswered questions and bring together families that have not seen each other in years. Keeping the gathering happening that was intended from the very beginning.
Grassroots project, building its foundation from within first. All members collectively join together and decide how the book is laid out, titles and chapter designs. Helping to pass the history of the fans down thru the generations so your kidz can remember.
  This is a record-breaking project, to say the least, hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the most authors on a published book. That is just a small part of A new way to use the internet to raise money while at the same time helping to build self -worth by joining with others to help the less fortunate and providing the family feeling when you interact with other family members.  

We are a licensed Non Proft so 100% of all Proceeds (no one gets paid)

go to the:  Merlin/Mercury Non- profit and disbursed to, but not limited to,

Jerry Garcia Foundation, Rex Foundation and Seva Foundation

Garcia Foundation
Seva foundation let someone see

Passing on the history of the fans down the generations from our kidz their kidz

Vegas stadium with lightning.

Collectively working together to raise money by making Book ideas, Fund Raisers, Festivals, and much more.

Group od Heads at Alpine

Joining forces to have Collectively other Foundations, Charities, Non-Profits, and organizations pull together as one to help all.

Words can hurt

Finding a place to fit in.

Aimiee Gauvreau

The Grateful Dead renewed my faith in

humanity. I never knew where I fit in until I found all of you one night at the Greek Theater here in California.

I don't have to give in to depression;

I can twirl around instead. :)

Bigger then Ourselves

Joanne Airato Merriam

Pencil drawing of Brnet

Hannah Hopkins

It's like church. We come together joyfully to
be a part of something bigger than

Little girl twirling

The silliest thing I ever said was after some spat with my fellow road dawg Cedar, she rightfully told me where I could shove my bad attitude, and I yelled to her "where are you gonna go?" She didn't turn around, and I thought to myself as I looked around at the carnival of soldier field, " She is home already. Where the Heck am I gonna...

No one gets paid. 100% for donations other than printing/shirt/shipping costs