Social Media Grassroots Nonprofit Book Needs Your Help!

Hey Now!

Starting September 10, 2018 and running for a month, you can help to support Deadhead Stories by pledging to our Kickstarter Project.  This is your chance to pre-order the book and score some amazing artwork donated by Mike DuBois and others.

Proceeds will allow us to put this project in motion and will be allocated by the Merlin/Mercury Non-Profit Corporation to publish the first printing of the book and help defray shipping costs.

Every amount helps!  Pledges of $10 will receive a copy of the 1992 Peace Tapes, produced and directed by group member Daniel Lee Donian and featuring interviews with Bob Weir, Yoko Ono, Richie Havens and many more.

Thank you, Family.

-Dan Guliano