Miracles always welcome.

Give to the Fed 501c(3) Merlin/Mercury Non-Profit Corporation

Without Love in the Dream It Will Never Come True

The spirit of generosity that surrounds and infuses the activities of the Deadhead Stories Non-Profit Corporation, its production division, Laughing Water, and our first project, the publication of Deadhead Stories, is nothing short of remarkable. The kindness of The Grateful Family has brought love to every aspect of manifesting our dream to preserve and pass on the history Deadheads. So much love that we are empowered to keep dreaming and bringing to life crowd-sourced ideas that add value to our community, not only through the proceeds they generate or meeting the need they seek to address, but also through the magic created when we collectively endeavor to manifest an idea.

If your cup overflows, please consider supporting the Deadhead Stories Non-Profit Corporation through your direct cash donation. Your donation is not tax-deductible, but all net proceeds from Deadhead Stories endeavors are donated to worthy non-profits, including the SEVA Foundation, the Rex Foundation and the Jerry Garcia Foundation.