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We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All

This is perhaps the most important lesson we learned while bringing to life our dream to preserve and pass down our community’s history: Deadhead Stories belongs to all of us and requires all of us. So don’t be shy now, pick a number below, any number! It’s time to try on your wings and find out where it’s at.

We encourage you to get involved in whatever way makes your soul shine…

Join the Conversation

Let the Words Be Yours

Deadhead Stories is more than a single book. It’s a community of kind folks who have gathered on Facebook to share their stories of the road and to preserve the history of our Grateful Family for the seven generations to come. With 6000 members and growing, visiting that page is like being at a show with all of your friends. Come on over and spin us a tale! Together we can share the fun and the flashbacks.

Visit us at Deadhead Stories Wanted on Facebook to become a member.

Buy A Book

Pay the Storyteller Off in Gold

Deadhead Stories is a 350-page, full-color coffee table book built by love. Woven from the stories, art, photography, and myriad skills of a band of intrepid travelers, the tales will make you laugh, cry, and most of all, will leave you grateful to be a part of this beautifully imperfect Family. Buy your copy today and contribute not only to preserving our community’s history, but also give to a great cause. Proceeds from the sales of Deadhead Stories are administered by the Deadhead Stories Non-Profit Corporation and allocated to worthy charities, including the Jerry Garcia Foundation, the Seva Foundation and the Rex Foundation.

Visit our Merchandise Page to order your copy today!

Become a Library Embassador

And All the Children Learning from Books That They Were Burning

Did you know you can ask your local library to carry a particular book? Yup. Pretty cool. On your library’s Web site, or in person, there is usually a form you can complete to request a book purchase. So, copy this info down and get your library card ready!

Deadhead Stories
ISBN # 978-0-578-44542-7
Library of Congress # 20199900244
Publication Date: May 12, 2019

Do it for the kidz! Find your local library and ask them to carry Deadhead Stories.

Fly Our Freak Flag High!

Everything I Tell You, I Heard It First From You

Back in the day, word traveled by mouth from Deadhead to Deadhead. Then we had the miracle of the Grateful Dead Hotline. Then, with the advent of the Internet, chat groups were born, which soon grew up into the vast social media networks of today. Regardless of your prefered method of networking, we encourage you to share the Deadhead Stories book and community with kind folks all around this world. Tweet, post, half-step your diamond-soled shoes down to your local dancehall, or whisper down a forgotten street, it’s up to you. But let’s all make sure that this here endeavor to collect the stories of the Grateful Family is shared high and wide.

We welcome press inquiries, please email

Offer Your Skills

The One Thing We Need Is A Left-Hand Monkey Wrench

Deadhead Stories is being built to last by all of us. No one is being paid for their efforts, but we are all reaping the rewards of the amazing magic that we create when we share our skills. Plans are in the works for a second volume of stories, there’s a Boulder party to organize, a Web site to maintain, a Non-Profit Corporation to govern, and many other side-projects simmering in the kitchen. What skills do you have to lend to Deadhead Stories? Are you a story teller, artist, editor, designer, web developer, illustrator, photographer, non-profit guru, event planner, attorney, Shakedown vendor, musician, pod-cast host, accountant, journalist, librarian, radio show host, seller of magic beans or Jack of all trades? We’d love to have you join us. All we ask is that you bring a heaping share of elbow grease.

To express your interest, send an email detailing what you’d like to lend to the project to

Suggest A New Project

Wake of the Flood, Laughing Water

Laughing Water is the production division of the Deadhead Stories Non-Profit Corporation. We are deadicated to using it as a vessel to grow projects that enrich the Grateful Dead Family, adding value to our community, not only through the proceeds they generate, or through meeting the need they seek to address, but also through the magic created when we collectively endeavor to manifest an idea. So what now, Family, what now? It’s the time for returning with thought jewels polished and gleaming.

Send your ideas for new projects to Include information on the project’s intention, what elbow grease you can bring, and why it’s a good fit for Laughing Water.

Donate and Buy Merch

Put Your Gold Money Where Your Love Is

We extend our deep gratitude to the artists whose donations of art for print and T-shirt sales help to keep the wheels on this bus rolling free. Get your very own Deadhead Stories T-shirt with art by Laura Dowling, Mike DuBois and Hannah Hopkins. Or act now to pick up a limited editon, signed print of Mike DuBois’ cover art for the book, If I Told You All That Went Down It Would Burn Off Both Your Ears. They’re going fast! We also encourage folks whose cup overflows to donate directly to the Merlin Mercury Non-Profit Corporation.

Visit our Merchandise Page or Donate Page to learn more.

Attend Our Events

We’ll Meet You At the Jubilee

The only thing better than all of us celebrating together is doing so for a good cause. Join us starting at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 7th at Vision Quest Brewery in Boulder, CO for the first gathering of the Deadhead Stories tribe: While the Story Teller Speaks. Meet many of the book’s contributors as well as some special guests. Flash Mountain Flood will provide the music and Shakedown vendors will be offering their wares. All proceeds from the event will be dispersed by the Mercury/Merlin Non-Profit Corporation to benefit victims of the recent Paradise, CA fires. It’s the perfect way to see Dead and Company out in style with the last lot party of Summer Tour!

Information on events will be posted on Our Blog.

A Simple Act of Kindness Can Go A Long Way