Merlin/Mercury Non-Profit Corporation


I am excited to share the news that Deadhead Stories is now powered by the Merlin/Mercury Non-Profit Corporation!

As a non-profit entity, we are deadicated to enriching the Grateful Dead Family by engaging crowd-sourced ideas that add value to our community, not only through the proceeds they generate or the need they seek to address, but also through the magic created when we collectively endeavor to manifest an idea.

Founding Board Members are:

Dan Guliano, Board Chair

Jason Buckles, Operations Manager

Jean Mawhinnie Summer, Treasurer

Steve Dubinsky, Secretary

Nathan Josephs, Board Advisor

The Board is tasked with providing governance, administration and allocation of any proceeds from Foundation projects to worthy charities, including The Jerry Garcia Foundation, the SEVA Foundation and the Rex Foundation.

We are one step closer to making the publication of Deadhead Stories a reality.

Love and Light!

-Dan Guliano