Deadhead Stories Video #6

To my family who trusted me with their stories to tell a small part of our history, I can not thank you enough. Reading 2500+ stories over and over as they get singled out for the book really told me a ton of what my heart already knew.

We are one crazy bunch of misfits. Kind, mad, generous to a fault, unsure of ourselves at times, fearless, guiding, and we possess strengthening energy that will rekindle any flame.

The book is coming along and the devil is in the details, so we must move forward with caution, but to read the book now in book-form for the first time, I am so blown away, feels like a bunch of Terrapins in my throat. 

The design and graphics Lou Valcarcel created are one of a kind, just like we are. You will be blown away too, I am sure. Until then, enjoy a video I made of group members.

-Dan Guliano