Laura dowlings pencil drawing

All Designs you can choose for t-shirts. Laura Dowling and Hannah Hopkins,

 Jerry and Bobby,   Mike Dubois Shirt

     Peter Nicoletti's prints ARE NOT going to be made into shirts. 

 Mike Dubois print and t-shirt are available. The print are 18x24 Limited Edition signed print. 100 @ 75.00 and the t-shirt is 25.00. Please, add 5.00 to all 3x and larger.

100% gets donated

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Peter Nicoletti's Prints

Print sizes large 17 x 14  small 8 x 11 

Jerry Garcia Print
Mosaic Jerry on a horse
Angels of Red Rocks

Ginger Jerry

Mosaic Jerry

The Four Angels Of Red Rocks

Hannah Hopkins Pencil drawing of  Bobby and Jerry

  Hannah Hopkins (age 15) daughter of Andrea Robbins has graciously donated these drawings to the nonprofit.  We will be making t-shirts from them and will go into the book.

  shirt 25.00

Hannah Hopkins

Please use this form to order designs and shirts.

Laura Dowling's Artwork for print. $25.00

Pledge $20                    Althea

Smaller prints 8 x 11 your choice, signed and numbered

Pledge $25                 Stagger Lee

25 pr T-Shirt (1 Laura's and 4 Hannahs )

Pledge $40          Sunshine Daydream

Your choice of a signed and numbered Large print 17 x 13

Pledge $45               Sugar Magnolia

Coffee table book 8.5 x 11 350 color pages

Pledge 35.00              Shakedown

T-Shirt with the cover of the book by Mike Dubois

Pledge $60                  Jack Straw

1 shirt of your choice, NOT Mike Dubois

Pledge $ 75.00       Deadhead Stories

limited edition signed print by Mike Dubois

Pledge $100             Lady with a Fan

1 shirt your choice   1 print your choice 
Peace Tapes

Pledge 105

Mikes Print and shirt

Pledge $150.00

Book/Mikes print and shirt

Please remember these are black prints other than Mike Dubois print. 

Please fill out the form and click which item/package you would like to purchase. Under the form is direct from Us.


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Book Order 45.00

DHS Print 75.00



Mike Dubois

Print/T-Shirt 100.00

Mike Dubois Custom Book Cover

Package Deals

Mike Dubois Shirt 25.00


Deadhead Stories Book/Shirt OF your choice 70.00

Book/your choice of any shirts/ Your choice of any one of the 3 Peter Nicoletti's prints 100.00

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T-shirt Choses

The book is in production right now and projected release date January 30, 2019, Last stage of graphic design before sending to print. So Presales for the book only. 

Shirt selection

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2xl Deadhead stories 

Med-Blue Deadhead Stories