About Us

Established in 2018, the Deadhead Stories Non-Profit Corporation is deadicated to enriching the Grateful Dead Family by engaging crowd-sourced ideas that add value to our community, not only through the proceeds they generate or the need they seek to address, but also through the magic created when we collectively endeavor to manifest an idea.

Founding Board Members are: Dan Guliano, Board Chair, Jason Buckles, Operations Manager, Jean Mawhinnie Summer, Treasurer, Steve Dubinsky, Secretary, and Nathan Josephs, Board Advisor. The Board is tasked with providing governance, administration and allocation of proceeds from Foundation projects to worthy charities, including The Jerry Garcia Foundation, the Rex Foundation and the SEVA Foundation.

Laughing Water

Laughing Water is the production division of the Merlin/Mercury Non-Profit Corporation and belongs to all of us. We are one crazy family of beautiful misfits: bold and intrepid cosmic adventurers whose creativity and kind generosity has the power to brighten our world. While we hail from all walks of life, the common denominator we share is our love for others and our commitment to their well being. We are a tribe who most definitely knows how to the harness the power of miracles, who understands what magic and joy we bring when we share our riches.

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Deadhead Stories Book

Deadhead Stories is the first project of Laughing Waters. The production In December 2017, a merry band of Pranksters of all ages and stripes embarked on a mission to share and preserve Deadhead history, from the perspective of the fans. What emerged is Deadhead Stories, a book built by love. Woven from the freely donated contributions of storytellers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, editors and thousands of kind folks from around the globe, the 350-page, color coffee-table book will be publishes May 12, 2019.

Since the end is never told, new storytellers are always welcome! Learn more about the first book and this ongoing project.

“Dear Dead Heads, If I may speak on behalf of the band and its many workers: thank you for your unswerving deadication, steadfast spirit, unconditional love, receptive ears and dancing feet. We couldn’t share our music far and wide without you. You are a blessing for which we are eternally grateful. Keep on truckin’ the sublime vibes!”

– Mercury