Seva's Mission


Seva works with local communities around the world to develop self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.

Our Vision: A world free of blindness.

Seva is a global nonprofit eye care organization that transforms lives and strengthens communities by restoring sight and preventing blindness.

We train local eye care providers and develop self-sustainingeye programs around the world.

Together we provide critical eye care to underserved communities, especially women, children, and indigenous peoples.

Seva has helped 4 million blind people regain their sight in more than 20 countries.

36 million people in the world are blind. 75% of them could see again with your help.

Restoring sight is one of the most effective ways to relieve suffering and reduce poverty.

Your $50 donation restores sight with a 15-minute cataract surgery that changes someone's life forever. You can donate to Seva here.

Seva Foundation

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