8.5 x 11 Color coffee table book. 
 A Grass Roots project using the internet and Social Media platform from Facebook to write a book about the Fans of the Grateful Dead, Dead Co. Further, Rat dog, Phil, and Friends and other bands from 1965 thru 2018 and still going strong.
  Gathering thousands of stories and comments over the last 8 months, 2400 and still growing to write a book that can be passed down from kidz to their kidz and into history.
 The group decides everything with the book from start to finish. Chapter selections, titles, layout and everything else. Providing their skills were they fit in to make one hell of a book.
 This has been an amazing project to watch unfold. Everyone's kind-heartedness, awesome insights, and skills have made this unforgettable, to say the least.
 Countless friends meeting up after 30+ years. Friendships made in the weirdest places. One story a man tells his story about helping a lady with her baby, only to have the Dad come on and thank him in such amazement after all these years.

 To read these two meet up for the first time and the many many more have shown us we are on the right track.

    Dead Head Stories: 

" If we told you all that went down, it would burn off both your ears"

Lenny at Vegas Shows

Lenny Garifo, 5/14/1994 at the Las Vegas Silver Bowl

  Every band knows the fans can make or break them. The Grateful Dead drew in the crowds and had their own city following them. It was all about the gatherings and music and the Dead did it with an energy that no one can or could match to date.

 It was a safe place to be "YOU". To give a hug when needed and to get one as well when you’re lost. A little spot of freedom for a few days with No Judgement and plenty of support. That's why their Family and a big one at that.

  The collective comradely with kindness and others telling the same story makes this such a strong book we are all amazed is happening.
Think about it, you share a memory about a show and others at the same show can fill in the gaps or in a few cases, a person who was asked for help 20-30 years ago wrote a story about it. Then in the comments, the family he helped wrote back thanking him and they are now good friends.

  Sliding through the vent ducks to sneak in, only to find out you’re not where you’re supposed to be and have to go back up and have no idea where you came out. lol

 These are the fans’ stories for over 50 years following the Grateful Dead, Dead, and Co, Further, Rat Dog, Phil, and Friends and other bands from 1965-2018. What they did to get there, what happened during or what happened on the way home. It has always been a Long Strange Trip.

 This is the Fans chance to keep the history of the fans going. Something that can be handed down from Kidz to Kidz to Kidz.

Go To Dead Head Stories and share a memory or two. Turn them into stories for all and say hello to old and new friends with something in common. 

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The Book/Packages

Drawing by Laura dowling

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1992 Peace Tapes directed by a group member with interviews of Bob Weir /Grateful Dead, Yoko Ono, Richie Havens and many more.

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Coffee table book 8.5 x 11 350 color pages

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